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Our Story

Workers working in Darjeeling tea garden

Tea is simple. All you need are leaves and a cup of hot water. When made with care and consideration, tea can also be an incredibly delicious thing. 

To us, deliciousness is the highest kind of enjoyment. We find it so powerfully comprehensive and complete that we make the final selection of tea on its potential for deliciousness. That’s the box that’s most important for us to check. 

Deliciousness, for us, boils down to three things - flavour balance, sensory excitement, and level of nourishment. If a tea checks these criteria, it rightfully earns its place in our lives.

But tea, loose leaf especially, is made to look intimidating. With so many teas available and each with language that’s hard to follow, venturing beyond usual preferences can be daunting. Even frustrating.

And we get it. When tea is retailed without context and lathered in a language that’s confusing, it intrudes on the goal of pleasure. It burdens you with doubt, fear and anxiety. That’s light years away from what tea should feel like. 

We believe tea should be accessible and loving it should be simple. That buying tea should be the easiest thing in the world. And experiencing it should be completely free of fear and anxiety. 

After all, the fundamental purpose of tea is to make you feel good. Whether that’s by nourishing the body, stimulating senses, or stirring something deep inside the soul.

Muskettle is a homegrown brand that honours the simple and wholesome pleasure of drinking tea. We offer a range of authentic teas made with love in Darjeeling. A place steeped in history and home to the famed muscatel flavour that has earned the moniker ~  'Champagne of Teas' and also inspired the brand name. Modern, minimal and driven by a close connection with tea estates and the culture of tea.

At Muskettle, we make sure we bring you teas that not only reflect craft but also taste great, no matter the season or the mood. 

We are based in the heartland of India’s finest teas - Darjeeling. We have grown up drinking the produce of the land - muscatel, spring blacks, and moonlight whites - and we understand the nuances and complexities of tea well. Yet the simple fact is that Darjeeling is the land that cultivates the highest kind of pleasure. Its teas unfailingly deliver, feel good, and taste great. This is what inspires us and moves us to influence a culture of tea defined by a sense of adventure, discovery, and magic.